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Car Hire

Looking to hire a car? We are now offering short-term rental. Choose from a manual or automatic Suzuki Vitara from only £59 per day. Your Vitara will come fully insured, full of fuel and will feature sat nav, rear parking camera, and plenty of luggage space! 

Suzuki Vitara Auto

Suzuki Vitara Auto From £69 Per Day

Daily Rental £69, Weekend £129, and Weekly £249

Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara From £59 Per Day

Daily Rental £59, Weekend £119, and Weekly £229

Terms & conditions:

To hire a vehicle from Cropleys Suzuki, you will be required to provide a £100 refundable deposit, plus proof of identity including your driving licence and one additional proof of identity which must be in your current address. Acceptable forms include a current passport, bank/credit card statement or utility bill.

The hirer plus any additional drivers must:

  • be 25 years of age or over but under 70 years of age
  • have held a full driving licence issued within the European Union for at least two years
  • has been resident in the UK for at least 12 months
  • have no more than 6 penalty points
  • have no pending road traffic convictions
  • have no previous or pending criminal convictions
  • not have been disqualified from driving during the previous 5 years
  • not have been involved in more than one motoring accident or claim during the previous three years
  • not have terms or restrictions imposed on their driving licence by the DVLA as a consequence of a DVLA notifiable medical condition
  • have not had insurance declined at proposal or renewal refused or a policy cancelled by an insurer within the previous 5 years


1 In the event of any accidental damage, the hirer will be charged an insurance excess of £500, which will be refunded if recovered from a third party. The policy does not cover personal effects or personal injury.

2 Any motoring or traffic offences, toll or parking charges, penalties and fines arising in relation to the vehicle for the duration of the rental are the hirer’s sole responsibility

3. The vehicle mileage allowance is 150 miles per day unless a prior agreement has been made. Excess mileage will incur a further charge.

4. The car will be handed over full of fuel and the hirer agrees to return the car full of fuel, or be invoiced for it at a cost of £75 +VAT.

5. The vehicle is only insured to be driven by named person(s) and will only be used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and/or for personal business purposes excluding use for hire and reward, taxi or courier business purposes.

6. Hired cars must not be taken outside of the UK.

7. Late returns will be subject to a £75 +VAT per day charge.

8. Smoking and animals are strictly prohibited in our vehicles. If the car requires cleaning on it’s return, the hirer will be subject to a £50 +VAT cleaning charge.

9. We reserve the right to recover the car, should we believe the hirer to have breached any of our terms and condition.

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